In the spirit of living in my gifts, which is to help you uncover your trauma and heal from linage cycles of pain, it’s become my mission to offer you the chance to become more aware of how your trauma experiences have affected your life.

We’re not here on this earth to survive. It’s time to thrive, so I want to teach you how to activate your resilience and achieve all that you want to feeling good and coping in a healthy way.

This group is a safe container to begin to explore your trauma – this is so important because trauma often divides people, especially in families & relationships , leading to fragmentation and an “every woman for herself” mentality. It is important to recognize that working on recovery alone may not be efficient, but working with others can be informal, supportive, loving, encouraging, & healing.

This is an EPIC deal and opportunity to work with me!

A life changing opportunity to be nurtured, guided, and witnessed. You will be more equipped to handle your pain and gain the resilience to get through any situation your going through now!

It’s 4 weeks – 1 live resilient training a week – learning how to tap deeper into awareness and cope with your daily struggles.

Having a supportive group is important during periods of forward motion as well as during challenging periods, together we will heal!


Emotions 101

How to not lose your shit when life happens aka healthy ways to deal when shit hits the fan. Learn how to manage anger, how to deal with intense sadness, how to handle sudden anxiety and where to look for answers when intense emotions rear their heads.

Relationships 101

The ultimate guide to next-level communication and emotional intelligence. Give up people pleasing, detox your life from unhealthy relationships and learn how to drop the codependency for healthy & mutually beneficial bonds with the right people. Learn how to navigate the ebbs and flows of romantic relationships without turning into the “crazy lady who throws things” so both you and your partner feel fulfilled, loved and supported.

Self Love 101

How to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly that make you who you are so you can learn to fully accept and love yourself again. Discover how to trust yourself, your intuition and your judgment to build unrattled self confidence that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Coping Skills 101

Trauma never really goes away; we just learn how to cope and adapt when faced with struggles and challenges. Are you coping in a healthy way, or are you numbing out on Netflix or your shopping addiction? We’ll learn how to healthy cope with your day-to-day stress so that you are actually addressing your core beliefs, shifting them, and transforming your behaviors, actions, and ultimately your life.

Through Resilient AF, you will learn how to stop burning yourself out on grit and develop the resilience you need to tackle any challenge.

Are you ready to thrive?