There are no words that quite embody the feelings that accompany a life filled with pain, abuse, neglect, manipulation, gas lighting, and control. What you have endured is unspeakable.

Healing is a journey and this is not a quick fix but with monthly support you heal and begin to take your healthy lifestyle back.

The thing is - trauma survivors inhale a strong sense of loss and personal defectiveness with no direction as to how to exhale.

Through this academy you will learn how to
recognize what is real today, what is an echo of your past and how to manage emotions that are triggered as you navigate your world both now and in the future.

This Academy can help you.

Using a series of coping tools I have designed after years coming through my own trauma and working with trauma survivors as well as those that have helped me heal, you will learn to uncover your truth of who you are without trauma and together we will heal and restore your identity back to its original human design! And, yes, you will learn to heal by your design.

You're probably wondering what Human Design is.

Your human design chart is a blue print that shows the relationship between our physical body and our unique energetic bodies.

Human design shows us that we are not only here to live this physical human experience but a profound life full of joy, abundance, vitality and optimum health.

But sometimes in our physical life we can experience things like trauma and something goes wrong and this effects our immune system and creates disfunction and that stimulates responses in our body that manifest mental and physical illness and erratic emotional feelings.

Your conditioned beliefs and experiences create more trauma and emotion disruption and spiritual pain. And you lose your connection to self.

This is not an excuse not to heal, it’s the main reason why you should heal.

Only addressing the symptoms can create more pain over and over again.

Human design shows us that each and every one of us is here to contribute to the world in a unique way.

However, most of us are taught that there is only one way to be successful and happy. Through conditioning as a result of our experiences and trauma we learn to hide who we are and compromise our own desires. With the integration of human design in the academy you will learn to be aware of the cycles of pain and heal at a cellular level rather than try to manage your pain at a surface level.

In the Healing by Design part of the academy you will discover a systematic approach to understanding your energy and the energetic forces that have influenced your life choices.

We will look at your type “Hi I’m a Generator“ and how to consciously make new choices that bring you closer to who you truly are, restoring your energy and easing pain in all areas of your life.

Each month I will introduce a new topic which we will explore together. We will look at how your emotions and behaviors show up over and over again from the past and how they are impacting you today. I will host a private group video session, including hot seat coaching and healing and a survivors guide for life.

A big mindset shift.

Working with Andrea has helped so much. She has helped me notice things that I never realized were coping addictions. When I thought about addiction, I thought drugs and alcohol, but for me it was overspending on all things. Coaching with Andrea helped me realize that I was coping with past trauma by overspending on things that I necessarily couldn’t afford like household remodels, vacations, and extra clothes for the kids. With her coaching support I have been able to get back on track and pay my bills.

Using her money tools she gave me in coaching, I was able to pay extra on my responsibilities. This was a huge thing for me to gain control over my spending and the way I cope.

Another thing Andrea helped me with was setting stronger boundaries around expectations as a mother, wife, and business owner.  This helped me become less overwhelmed and irritated. 

I’m so thankful I took the leap and coached with Andrea the last 6 months. She is very relatable and real. I have worked with different business coaches before, but I found working with Andrea who is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur herself really got me and could help me. Andrea taught me that there is no such thing as balancing it all, that if I’m saying yes to some things, then I’m saying no to others.  This was a big mindset shift me.

I also gained more awareness around my past trauma and the effect it’s had on my life and I have always been high achiever and Andrea helped me see that I’m worthy without the material validation.

- D



Group coaching for nine months, your group content, survivors guide, sessions and coaching calls (1 coaching call and 1 energy call for clearing, grounding and resetting each month PLUS an accountability and celebration group call every three months)


Including a building wealth masterclass. We will support you by offering different life and business after trauma wealth building strategies.


A Voxer messenger group chat with ALL the other members for sisterhood, support and connecting and the collective energy that will set this group on fire!


Access to a private FB group as well as all currently running programs, for example, Resilient AF, Mama Trauma and Sovereignty is the Best Revenge and bonus coaching ($11000 value!!), exclusive trainings and PDF resources

Through Ascension Academy, you will learn how to recognize what is real today, what is an echo of your past and how to manage emotions that are triggered as you navigate your world both now and in the future.


 How would it feel…

To have access to a group that will help you heal and help you transcend your trauma?

To come out of isolation and join a beautiful thriving community of women who understand what it is to live as a survivor of trauma?

To be guided month-by-month to uncover and unpack the deep false messages that have been running your life?

To connect with your inner child and inner defender of the secret parts that hold your truest potential?

To empower and transform yourself and take your life back into your own hands?

There is no way you carry everything by yourself…

You have been carrying your trauma around with you, but as you know you are finding that you are required to carry a lot of other stuff including people’s baggage. I want you to drop the weight of the world off your shoulders because something’s got to give!

Perhaps you start right here…

You are tired of the heavy burden

You want to be free

Some you want to keep

But some of it doesn’t belong to you…

Let’s unpack the burdens together and help you determine what to keep and what to throw away. 

I’m here dedicating my life to helping people just like you.

I want you to discover who you are underneath the layers of pain and trauma.

I acknowledge the journey to healing is not a straight path. There are many rocky roads and I don’t mean the ice cream…

There is twists and turns and ebbs and flows…

You will experience many emotions, have to unravel layers, and you may be blinded by your truth…

But you will heal in your own unique way. You may need different tools at different times that’s why in the academy you will be given insights to every bump in the road you hit on your healing journey. I will be there to offer you new levels of awareness, support, understanding.

This academy will be like having your bestie or faithful friend alongside you on your healing journey.

Here’s what you also get:

Articles that illustrate how the monthly topic can impact daily life

Resources to explore how this might be showing up in your life

Action steps to take your healing forward

Physical, mental and emotional healing techniques

An invitation to my secret Facebook group for support and interaction

Your Investment:

Limited Time BONUS Option:

Need a different payment plan? No problem! Contact me to arrange a different payment schedule.

I learned that I am worthy and deserving.

Andrea is an agent of change; a vessel for growth for those who want to transcend where they’re stuck. 

In my time spent with Andrea, we developed a partnership, a sisterhood, and profound changes that altered the circumstances of toxic residue and affliction in my life. I learned, through Andrea’s guidance, to give myself permission to take up space in the world. I learned, through deep healing work, that I must take up space in the world and through this, I learned that I am worthy and deserving of doing so.  I yearn to continue fulfilling my life’s purpose.

It is without reservation that I applaud the service of Andrea Delucia. My time invested in her help has resulted in the betterment of my quality of life, with the release of obligations to answer to those most toxic to us- the narcissist(s). Most of all, I have learned from Andrea to bounce back, and with great stamina and enthusiasm, when those in positions of power, wealth, or familial ties take action to demonstrate that I am undeserving.

An invaluable resource to make a living, and make a life.

In gratitude,