Andy Delucia

Mindset & Trauma Informed Mentor

Founder of Uprooted and co-creator of Trauma Informed Coaching Facilitation and Certification Cohort

Helping You Develop a Trauma Informed Coaching Practice

We want you to be aware of the lens in which you see the world through so that you are able to walk with others on their paths of growth and evolution. During the 6 month facilitation program, the sections are broken down 3 phases.





This phase of the program focuses on self assessment, self leadership and embodiment. We will support you in creating greater personal awareness and personal power. We will explore your personal limiting beliefs, blindspots, and triggers. We will then move into self leadership. When you take radical responsibility for your life, business, and results you will experience deep transformation and healing.

Emotional Intelligence

During this section of the program, we will explore how to work through Emotional Alchemy, establish a spiritual practice and how to work with the beliefs of others, ways to identify when inner child parts have become activated and require attention, how to leverage body language and rapport to move the session forward. Additionally, we will explore active listening / Somatic healing & felt sense (the process), ethics and trauma informed mindset practice.


We will explore safe forms of trauma release, tools to help metabolize grief and trauma. We will work through ways to recognize trauma blocks and stuck points with one’s self and with clients. We will utilize tools that support your process in regulating / moving through stress, strengthening your discernment, and empower your creativity. Some of the tools we will focus on is grounding into your body, the bottoms up methodology, breath work, the tie dye method that Andrea, one of our co-creators coined and intentional movement.

The integrated practices will support you in developing deeper awareness, stay present in the moment (with yourself and with clients), self-regulation, experiencing wholeness on a cellular level, feeling more connected and in harmony with yourself and in life. When we learn to recognize our strength, power, softness, vulnerability and truth as assets then we can really share our work and fullness of self with the greater good.


During our time with Safe Practice, we will explore holistic group dynamics, the power of sacred circles, advanced coaching structures, container and space holding, safe marketing, and Trauma Informed Coaching sales, marketing, and the power of creating brave spaces.

Business Alchemy

During our time with Business Alchemy, we will explore the energetics of your business, specifically how your business has a personality, needs, and attributes all on its own separate from you. We will cultivate the need for a strong and healthy mindset practice. Every person and business needs a powerful mindset, systems, and a plan. We will explore this trifecta and how to grow this trio through different stages of your business evolution. You will be given revolutionary tools and protocols. You will be able to assess without assumption, slow down your clients, and refer when necessary.
We will also discuss ethics, Informed Consent, Transference & Countertransference and how to handle it.

We will navigate the power of strong, healthy boundaries as a pillar of personal power and coaching success. You will learn how to cultivate your own personal modality and way of facilitating your clients individually and improving your quality of coaching and facilitating so the overall outcome results in powerful transformation collapsing time and accelerating results.

Specialized Topics:

Regenerative grief expert
You’re the one you’ve been waiting for (radical self responsibility + personal power)
Your daily practice (high performance non-negotiables)
Human Design support
Energetic Clearings
NLP sessions
Magic, Meaning, Money
Clearing Money Trauma
Somatic Practice: The Body Keeps Score methodology
Attachment Style & Family of origin wounding repair
Relational Trauma
How Complex PTSD shows up as sabotage and resistance
The science behind trauma blocks and psychological injury
The science behind trauma blocks and psychological injury
Magnetism vs. Manipulation (the energetics of both)
Nervous system regulation
Understand the different types of trauma

Support & Resources


Live Practicum / Processing Calls


Private Facebook group


Resource Center


Energetic Support


Boundaries and triggers


Human Design support


Back and forth healing


Meditations for your personal use


Weekly Zoom calls




Monthly Q/A


One year of Uprooted -- the trauma informed membership (value $777)

Monthly Zoom Coworking / accountability sessions

"I am 100% a better coach for it."

I can't say enough amazing things about the experience in this program! As a women's mindset coach, I knew I wanted to become trauma informed so that my clients would have long-lasting shifts and not just feel good moments. There is so much work to be done and so much I didn't know. I have learned and implemented SO much from this and I am 100% a better coach for it. I also apply this to my personal life with my own kids and in my teaching career. I see my clients and situations with an entirely new perspective and I am so grateful for this membership! It is so needed especially in the online coaching space!

Bethany Crayhen

Once you have been accepted into the program, please choose one of the payment options below.

This program is for you if:


You want to engage in safe business practices within the coaching industry


You want to embody your work in integrity with yourself and strong values


You desire transformation for yourself and clients in a deep way


You want to engage in safe marketing and business practices


You desire to have an ethical coaching practice

This program is NOT for you (right now):


If you haven’t began your own personal healing process


If you don’t have safe emotional practices already in place for self care.


If you are not taking proper care of your own mental health


If you aren’t ready to do the deeper work and make space for it in your life


If you looking for quick fixes


If you aren’t ready to take full responsibility for your life and business


If you aren’t ready to move past what’s holding you back

The outcome for this program is to empower coaches and promote trauma recovery not to diagnose acute trauma.

This facilitation certification is designed to improve the quality of your coaching readiness, confidence, and amplify the skillset to improve your overall coaching practice.

Your Co-Facilitators

Andy Delucia

Andrea Delucia is an intuitive trauma informed mentor, nervous system specialist, certified in somatic psychotherapy, NLP, and family trauma she is a wife, mother of 4 survivor of complex trauma and soon to be author of How I deal with my Emotions, a self help book that offers somatic tools for healing the trauma that is stored in the body and introduces trauma informed care outlining her 3 core values into classrooms, individual practices, and homes. She’s passionate about helping people rewrite their core beliefs as a result of their core wounds, stop suicide and reintroduce how to live resilientAF vs in survival. She offers a no BS approach with her relatability and honest approach to healing from trauma and helping people come home to themselves mind. body, and soul.

Samaria Williams

Samaria Williams is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Trauma Recovery coach, mentor, writer, wife, Mama, and survivor. Through a trauma-trained, integrative approach Samaria supports women in healing the past, cultivating empowerment establishing alignment and and embracing thriving through deep self care as a lifestyle. Samaria believes that when self care becomes a lifestyle, women will then embody the fulfillment they most desire in their life, business and relationships.

Uprooted, the premier Trauma-Informed membership for healers, coaches, teachers, and therapists who desire to learn how to support their clients, students and patients as they uproot themselves from trauma.

I’m Andy, your trauma-informed mentor on this journey. 

Healing trauma is not always practical it’s very outside the box thinking.

I know this because I’m a complex trauma survivor and I have spent countless hours learning, researching, interviewing, & implementing different methods.

I know healing is possible, but not the kind you are thinking. There is never a time when you are not working on yourself and uprooting your pain.

For me as a survivor, mom of 4, wife, entrepreneur and now trauma-informed mentor I have lived and breathed so many experiences that have qualified me to say that.

Your clients, students, and kids need you to have a better understanding of their emotions. Shit, you need to understand why you do and act and feel the way you do…

Awareness is keys to the kingdom and in the membership I’m giving you the keys. 

When you are more aware of your clients’, students’, & kids’ trauma responses and symptoms you can modify your approach and empower them to triumph over trauma.

I’ve coached dozens of women and it’s astonishing how threatening trauma can be. But I take them from stuck, denial, anxiety and a variety of other responses to back in their bodies feeling safe in their emotions and thriving in all aspects of their life.


Even many professionals who specialize in trauma don’t understand it.  – Peter Levine Ph.D.

That’s a powerful statement and scary one that means that you could be intentionally helping your clients students and kids but unintentionally be creating more of a mess that leads to more trauma.

A traumatized person can relate to another.

Trauma is an experience that’s not processed properly; if words can’t accurately convey what a person experiences it has intensity and creates inner struggle.

I had a client who was sexually abused by her cousin as a child. When her father discovered what was going on, he failed to handle it or address it. In fact, he became angry and she didn’t understand why.

Clinging to that subconscious memory, she’s always been afraid to get close to her dad and acted out the pain for years while suppressing the original trauma.

Long story short, I created a safe environment and took her through my version of the nervous system regulation process while holding space for her.

Within days she became empowered and more confidant. Her work life was hitting its all-time high.  She was triumphant in her life.

This is what’s possible for you, your clients, students, & kids.

In Uprooted, my monthly trauma-informed membership, you will learn how to identify symptoms of trauma.

When you learn how to identify these symptoms and properly hold space you will begin to:

Develop deeper bonds with your clients, students, & kids

Attract the right people that want to heal and will open up to you

Create more intimacy & connection

Learn how to hold space

Heal trauma at a somatic level

Break generational cycles of pain

Talk about difficult problems

Learn to acknowledge & name emotions

Help your clients, students, & kids express themselves

Assist in healing and transforming lives

Your Students will feel safe and cared for instead of isolated and alone

Your Kids will begin to open up and talk to YOU instead of acting out and isolating

Your Clients will thrive in all areas of their lives feeling empowered over their emotions

How amazing would that be?

Imagine taking your clients on a healing journey that feels safe that has a lot of space and compassion and empathy where they can fully heal their lives!>

Uprooted is a monthly MEMBERSHIP, not a course.

Where you learn to embody and implement what you have learned and take it into your home, your classroom, your school, or your business.

Is Uprooted For you?

Uprooted is for you if you…

Have a child who you want to connect with and create that open space to see, hear, and validate them breaking your own generational cycles of pain & trauma.

Are a teacher and desire to support your students and create a safe and nurturing classroom environment that’s full of empathy and compassion.

Are a coach and you want to help your clients connect back to their bodies, feel confident, and come home to their wholeness.

Are a social worker and you want to go deeper and support your clients’ transformation as you walk them through their pain and reach new levels of healing but also feel supported and seen yourself.

Uprooted Membership is for those of you with experience or absolutely no knowledge of trauma-informed care, but desire to transcend the trauma landscape.

It is for you if you have done trauma-informed work and desire to expand that and leverage what you already know and add to your tool kit.

In Uprooted, you will learn:

To create safety for your clients, students, and kids

How to co-regulate

How to open and close a session, meeting, appointment, and discussion safely

How neuroscience & trauma impact the nervous system

How healing your own trauma helps to create space for those you are supporting

To reconnect with yourself & and begin thriving in all aspects of your life.

How to thrive while supporting others

Uncover your purpose to heal

Do you desire to create massive transformation within your students, clients, children, and even yourself?

How would it feel to help your clients, students, kids live a better more conscious life?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to help your clients move past pain and transition into a beautiful life?

You have a responsibility to create safety, speak the language, and offer tools that lead your clients, students, and kids with integrity.

You can’t address trauma and assist in transformation if you are not equipped with the right tools. This membership plays the role of your life-line just as you are the life-line for those you support.

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm and fancy big words.

In Uprooted, you can ask questions whatever you want. I will simplify and breakdown difficult aspects of psychology biology psychosis and Psychotherapy.

We will talk real talk – real situations, real examples, real change.

Membership perks

Oodles of attention and support from me, a trauma and nervous system expert.  My support is only a click or DM away.

Founding Members (First 20) receive Monthly 20 Minute Private Sessions with Me

VIP Members (12 mo Pay In Full) receive Monthly 30 Minute Private Sessions with Me

Monthly training with yours truly

Monthly Learning & Implementation LabsThis is where you will take action to embody and implement what you are learning.

Monthly Guest Expert Training followed by a digital Q&A and accountability session

Private Facebook Community

Support is only a click away.


If you are a founding member you receive a 20-minute session with me a month to go over ideas co-creation and just for added support and coaching personalized to you. {valued at $111}


If you are a VIP member (12 months commitment $777 annual payment) saving 147 total you get 12 months of Voxer support, a monthly call 30 minutes with me a month, a welcome gift, and an invitation to my trauma healing online or personal event {valued at $2222}.



In the learning and implementation lab, we will reverse engineer the trauma-informed landscape. You will learn how to align your environment to support whomever you are facilitating.  In these labs, you will implement all that you learn and embody the knowledge. 


Learn to create safe spaces for your clients, students, & kids.  You will learn to create safe relationship bonds and you will define and recognize trauma and assist in healing

Lab 🧪 Align your environment to support you.

What is your working environment or living environment look and feel like in this lab you will implement safety for your clients, students, and kids.


Discover the root cause of trauma.  Learning how to discover the root cause of what happened and how to uproot the trauma.

Lab 🧪 Emotional nervous system work implementation I will take you through exercises that you can implement daily in your life and the people you serve lives. You will learn to implement the poly vegal theory and create more capacity in the nervous system.


Learn more about the attachment styles the exact formula for how you and your clients, students, & kids do relationships in life better.

Lab 🧪 Take communication and emotional intelligence to another level we will implement my 3 stage communication style that will help your people create new and secure safe attachments in life  & business

Rewire the coding from childhood and transmute past experiences your own attachment style with children you will learn a safe approach to do this as kids needs are different and the emotional center of the brain is not fully developed.


Learn how to regulate emotions you will be learning the cutting edge somatic experience work to regulating the nervous system automatic response.  You will learn how to create more capacity for feelings and emotions.

Lab 🧪 Embody and implement the nervous system work you were taught in the training.  You will learn to process trauma and mediate this is where you will combine the woo and doo {my favorite combo} this lab will be an embodied experience and experiment.

The Uprooted membership will help you to become a true leader for the younger generation {this is truly where my heart is being pulled to right now}.  


Members Only Masterclass: Attachment style

We develop our attachment styles based on early coding from childhood whatever our past life experiences and how our needs were met during and after: example – were you safe to process your traumas your difficult experiences?

In this Masterclass, you will learn to identify what attachment style you have and how it is played out in your life and relationships.

You will learn how to play with different styles and create new security in your life and business which comes with regulating emotions and learning what is the root cause is.

Learn how can you transmute your attachment style so you can have better relationships, operate from a place of emotional intelligence and communicate effectively and get your needs met safely.

You keep it real.

Thanks so much! You have been an amazing mentor to me. I have gained so much clarity about myself. For some reason, I clicked with you right away. You keep it real. I felt comfortable and safe. In a short amount of time, I’m regaining my strength, self-esteem and confidence. I’m forever grateful to you. Thank you so much. You have an amazing gift of healing people.  

– Connie