Tips to finding a Mentor 101


The past couple of months have been crazy. It’s the end of summer and the beginning-of-the-school-year activities have begun—paperwork, writing checks, writing more checks, school shopping, events, sports, birthday parties, and on top of all of this, there’s still the daily grind of life. I don’t know about you, but this leaves me exhausted and in desperate need of a recharge.

For me, Fall is the recharge that I really need. It helps me refocus on what is most important. It’s almost like the New Year when we all get into resolution mode.

The kids are back in school and on a schedule. Wedding season slips away and I’m able to file the work that has left me exhausted, yet very proud, deep in the bottom drawer of my desk.

With the smell of pumpkin spice on the horizon and the cool breeze passing through the open windows, it never fails to amaze me how these simple things inspire me to do great things—like start a new project, clean a room, or just sit back and read a good book.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on setting new goals and living my life with more intention.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to educate myself more and utilize the mentors and amazing people I’ve connected with over the summer. How can I incorporate them into the new direction and movement within my business?

I know how important it is to educate others and help them reconnect with what makes them happy, but as business owners, it’s also really important that we seek out all of the education we can.

As a mother of four, it’s hard to spend my evenings at social and networking events, which is typically what people do in my idustry.  I am making these connections more of a priority now because I see how valuable it really is.

Educating yourself, whether that’s through a conference, a podcast, and/or a workshop can be MIND BLOWING and can shift so many things in your business. You’ll walk away with not only a new perspective, but hidden jewels of information to propel your business forward.

Mentors are another great way to help you navigate the next steps in your business.

The truth is though, successful people are very busy and they won’t always be able to offer help. You have to SHOW them that you are worthy of their help.

“Will you be my mentor?” can be very awkward to ask, but if you want someone to invest in you then you have to invest in him or her first and give him or her a reason to believe in you!

We are social creatures, so community and connection is our oxygen. We need to build off of others’ experiences.

Some of your most trusted mentors are right next to you right now. Look to your colleagues, even if they are ahead of or behind you. You want to align with people that can relate to you and your business.

So, here are ten proven tips {I need a mentor 101} to help you find the right mentor for you:

1.) You can find potential mentors in all different places. Seek out someone whom you’d love to learn from and have a message that you align with.

2.) Begin to connect with his or her free content. Listen to their podcast, watch their webinars, or listen to their Facebook live streams. You can learn so much for free just from engaging with their message.

3.) If you’re really loving someone’s content, figure out how you can become more engaged with their community. Get into their space and observe how they operate. You will learn a lot just by showing up!

4.) Become a customer of his or her business and excel. Attend a workshop or buy his or her book and apply the concepts!

5.) Tell him or her how their work has affected you and the impact it has made on you.

6.) Connect with him or her and ask for what you want. Be very specific about the help you need. Avoid being vague.

7.) Have an open heart and mind.

8.) Use his or her time wisely.

9.) Be true to your message as you apply what you’ve learned. Do the best work that you can.

10.) Seek out different and varying mentor relationships. Find mentorships from a network of leaders, so you can get help with all areas of your life and business.


“Teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin



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