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Elite Workshop is a unique experiences where creatives at heart and entrepreneurs can learn, grow, share and connect.

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Because You Matter is on Thursday April 4th at Lake Pearl Wrentham


We gather creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to ignite conversation around the topics they are passionate about. From building your business, to raising your family to tapping into your intuitive gifts. Also, following your purpose, transitioning into a creative industry, and making more money.

At Because you Matter you will meet other growth minded women and connect with the best in different industries. You will hear stories from the speakers that will light a fire inside you, and learn the tools you need to up-level your business and life.


“This was my first time participating in a Elite Workshop, and I cannot say enough good things about it! It was so amazing to meet and network with other like-minded men and women  ALL of the speakers were absolutely amazing and inspirational, and I walked away feeling energized and excited to take steps forward in my business. Thank you again Andrea – I so look forward to the next one!!! 


All Attendees get full VIP access to a highly impactful, motivating, and inspiring full day of presentations. From our carefully hand selected speakers, key notes, learning leaders, mentors and panel. As well as indulging on delicious breakfast, lunch, and snacks. There are also, meditative nooks great for taking a breath and journaling. gift bags, and more.

Our attendees come to Because You Matter to feel inspired mind, body, and soul. To enhance their talents, refuel their passions, release blocks, learning to craft your authentic story and learn new spiritual ways to run their creative business. Along with connecting and collaborating deeper to other women and cultivate new friendships.

The Mission of all of our events is to nurture, teach, inspire, motivate, cultivate, enjoy, indulge, and support women around creative business and life. Topics surround relationships, confidence, fear, real talk, A-ha moments (grab your tissues), entrepreneurship, side hustles and more.

You will take your creative business to the next level!

“I am beyond grateful that something eventually clicked in my head and pushed me to go to Elite Workshop 6. The connections and education will stay with me for years to come. I left feeling completely lit up.

In Latin the word “subluxation” means less light and energy. To heal this in the body we typically seek out a chiropractor. As entrepreneurs an elite workshop is the way to find that fix and let your light in.

So many of us know what our light is, but we just need to find a clearer path to let it fulfill us. Andy can and will help you with that!”

Are you ready to be inspired, have fun and share your gifts with the world?


If you’ve been downloading all the free stuff, watching the webinars, joining online groups and you still feel like your creativity is stuck and you’re struggling with direction, if you are still fearful, needclarity and building a profitable business, then you’re ready for your first Because You Matter Events!

 This Event will be held after the event on Thursday April 4th.

Because You Matter Events is known to cultivate many new relationships. Mix, mingle and connect over cocktails and snacks with your fellow growth minded women. Networking is essential to building a business and cultivating the right tribe. We guarantee you will leave with a lot more friends and biz besties and it will be a whole lot of fun!

Once you are checked in, you are free to enjoy breakfast!

The first session of the day is centered on your mind and body. It’s jam-packed with incredible presenters, key notes and words from your founder.

There will be a lot of wisdom in Session One, that is geared to your heart centered business strategy. We will focus on enhancing your brand story, exploring entrepreneurship, growing your business and making more money. We will end Session One with a fun body movement exercise. (Whatever you’re wearing will be fine.)

This is just a peek at how amazing Session One will be.


The second session of the day is centered around your soul.

This part of the program focuses on playing instead of pushing. You will hear impactful stories from our speakers that will have you moved to tears with many a-ha moments. (Here’s where you might need those tissues.)

Your educators are everyday people just like you, building their creative businesses, shopping at Target, drinking their Starbucks or Dunks, juggling families while living their best life. They will help you walk through your journey to help propel you forward in 2019.

We will end Session Two with an emotional and impactful group activity.


You get one power hour to discuss your business and life. This will happen after lunch.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” – Brené Brown

Hi, I’m Andy,

My life shifted a few years ago when I was asked to do my first public speaking gig. I quickly realized how much potential I had to transform so many people’s lives in one afternoon. I felt a natural, nurturing connection to the women who felt alone and overwhelmed trying to do everything themselves. This resonated with me so much I had to do something to change these women’s struggles and show them the possibilities that lay ahead.

In stepping out of my comfort zone I found that my insecurities became my strengths.

I felt alive, passionate and ready to change the world.

But it made me see how misaligned I’d become from my true purpose.

So I set about building a new life for myself, my four amazing kids and my husband.

And I’ve never looked back.

If something deep inside of you knows that real physical connections to other women and creative business owners in an uplifting, learning space would transform your confidence, inspire you to take focused steps every day and leave you glowing from the inside out, then book your place on an Because You Matter Events today!

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Our Speakers:


Dominique Broadway is an award winning Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert and the Founder of Finances Demystified & The Social Money Tour. Dominique has received various accolades such as the Top 30 Under 30 in Washington DC, the DC Future Business Leader of America Businessperson of the Year and the Top Financial Advisor for Millennials in the US.

Dominique’s demystified financial advice, has been highlighted on Yahoo!, Huffington Post, Forbes, USA Today, Black Enterprise, Marketwatch.com, Ebony Magazine, Levo League, Refinery29 and other media outlets. She has a strong passion for working with young professionals, entrepreneurs and people of all ages to bring their Dreams2Reality.

I’d always dreamed of having a BIG career in a big city with glamor, romance and prestige. For a girl who grew up on a farm in South Africa, that might seem like it came out of nowhere, but I knew I was meant to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

So I worked hard, went to one of the top universities, earned a business degree in financial analysis, and moved to London (to pay off my student loan, with a side of travel) – and sort of fell into working as a foreign exchange money broker. Perfect. Right?

Then, when Wall Street called, I packed my suitcase in 5 minutes flat. I was so ready.

Fast forward several years…

I’m sitting in my Wall Street office looking around at my coworkers when it hit me: These weren’t happy people.

Between the long hours, the “entertaining,” the drinking, constant one-upmanship and aggressive tactics, there wasn’t room in our careers for real relationships – with friends, partners, even children. The environment, with its constant yet subtle sexism, didn’t feel good. And I realized that the BIG career I’d worked so hard for didn’t even align with my natural strengths or values.





                                                 A “bedroom closet to media mogul” story

Jaclyn Zukerman’s (JZ) business to get her clients ‘on scene’ where it matters. She has hundreds of thousands of social media connections and loyal followers all looking for the very latest trends, fashion, inspiring products, and cutting edge business ventures.

Originally from New York, JZ relocated to Boston in 2014 and has been blazing a trail ever since. Based in Everett, MA, she is the CEO of NEXTonSCENE Media LLC, Editor in Chief of NEXTonSCENE® magazine, podcast broadcaster for “NEXTonSCENE® with JZ”, and a producer of high-quality promotional events and PR campaigns.

JZ’s talent for promoting started while she was still in elementary school getting paid to help publicize her brother’s event business. After graduating from college with a Communications Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Public Relations in 2011, she plunged head first into TV & radio production for shows such as HOT97 and Cool Jobs in IMBD, and is no stranger to the camera herself after appearing on the MTV pilot “Hypnotize My…” as well as in the WETV web series “You’re Wearing That”. She also worked as a casting agent landing major roles on Broadway – specifically “Kinky Boots” – and has helped place babies to eighty-year-olds on television and into movies. Prior to casting, JZ was a PR intern at Bloomingdales and an assistant stylist to Padma Lakshmi on Top Chef season 12!



However, coming from an entrepreneurial family, JZ knew that she had something more to offer and decided to strike out on her own. She moved on to manage successful PR campaigns and started broadcasting the “NEXTonSCENE® with JZ” podcast series in 2015 from her bedroom closet to promote celebrities, showcase the very latest fashions, new products, and interesting start-up ventures.

Word spread fast via clever networking and social media promotion and, today, the podcast reaches more than 430,000 listeners. The show attracts big name interviews including celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, high profile matrimonial lawyer and TV personality, Vikki Ziegler, the founder of Jellybelly jellybeans, and the Executive Producer of “Saved By The Bell” to name just a few!

Strengthening the NEXTonSCENE® brand and reaching an even wider audience, in 2016 JZ launched the glossy magazine, NEXTonSCENE®  to profile up and coming trends, talent, musicians, designers, small businesses, new products and much more. By approaching her own brand in the exact same way that she uses to promote her clientele, JZ has grown the title into a profitable business both digitally and in print, as well as providing yet another successful promotional channel for her clients.




Krysta Lewis is the CEO and founder of Aisling Organics, a revolutionary high-performance organic makeup brand. Within two years of launch, Lewis has built one of the most successful e-commerce start-ups and grown an extensive following to earn her the recognition of one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2018 and Young Entrepreneur of the year.

With a focus on both purpose and profit, Lewis was originally inspired to launch Aisling when realizing the unregulated chemicals in our cosmetics were causing chronic illness and there were no effective alternatives on the market. In short order, she led a team of dedicated, industry experts to develop and successfully launch Aisling Organics.

Today, Krysta is dedicated to sharing her story and lessons on entrepreneurship, confident and effective communication, and persuasion to help audiences across the country live happy, healthy, and prosperous lives.




  • Thank you to all the ladies who came to last years workshop! I can't wait to see you this year.