Are you in the driver’s seat of your destiny or have you allowed other people to drive and you sit idly by in the passenger seat while others are cruising by you with the top-down and loving life! Do you ever wonder why this is? Well, I know why and it’s because when you give up the driver’s seat also known as your “power” you no longer make your own choices that are true to you. You let the fear or the comparison game rule you and opportunities fly right by. For many years in my life and business, I let others drive and dictate to me where I was going. Then I wondered why I wasn’t happy. Their destiny or destination wasn’t the same as mine but yet I gave them permission to drive me there.

When you get left off at a destination you didn’t want to be at you find yourself lost and walking the rest the way without any navigation, community, or help to find your way back home. So many times I see women giving their power away for free and it makes me angry although I seldom do it myself I know we can’t get to where we want to go in our destiny unless we are driving the vehicle to get there. Other people’s destiny and destinations shouldn’t matter on your journey.

You need to take the wheel and drive. You may find you get lost, run out of gas, pick up the wrong passengers, hit a bump or two along the way, but as long as “you” keep driving you will get there! I promise!


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