Are you in the driver’s seat of your destiny or have you allowed other people to drive and you sit idly by in the passenger seat while others are cruising by you with the top-down and loving life! Do you ever wonder why this is? Well, I know why and it’s because when you give up the driver’s seat also known as your “power” you no longer make your own choices that are true to you. You let the fear or the comparison game rule you and opportunities fly right by. For many years in my life and business, I let others drive and dictate to me where I was going. Then I wondered why I wasn’t happy. Their destiny or destination wasn’t the same as mine but yet I gave them permission to drive me there.

When you get left off at a destination you didn’t want to be at you find yourself lost and walking the rest the way without any navigation, community, or help to find your way back home. So many times I see women giving their power away for free and it makes me angry although I seldom do it myself I know we can’t get to where we want to go in our destiny unless we are driving the vehicle to get there. Other people’s destiny and destinations shouldn’t matter on your journey.

You need to take the wheel and drive. You may find you get lost, run out of gas, pick up the wrong passengers, hit a bump or two along the way, but as long as “you” keep driving you will get there! I promise!



Planning a wedding and putting on a Broadway Show have a lot in common. There’s the flashy costumes, the music, the decor, the lighting, the audience and let’s not forget the speeches, singing, dancing, and of course—the dramatic love story! Each piece plays an important role in the production and all of the elements come together to inspire and draw raw emotion from the audience.

There’s also different sets, characters, and of course, the Director … AKA ME! The WEDDING PLANNER! Not to mention the behind-the-scenes team to prepare for OPENING NIGHT! AKA WEDDING DAY!

Just like the Director, the Wedding Planner must be creative. She must understand different aspects of the production. She must be able to lead a team, conceptualize with ease, call the shots, know when to use different techniques, have excellent communication skills, and understand all policies and procedures.

Are you getting the picture as to how they’re so alike? 😉


This is when all the final details are worked out and any changes are made to the acts. Remembering lines, cueing, and body positioning are in the works for the BIG DAY! The tickets are gone, the show is sold out, and the audience is coming!


While it may seem like the Director’s job would come to an end as soon as the curtain goes up, this is actually her time to shine!! She must make sure the cast is comfortable and able to deliver their best performance.

The Stage Manager, AKA the Venue Coordinator, needs to ensure that the food, beverage, and ambience is perfect while the Director notes the details of the production as it unfolds and ensures the performance flows like a perfected choreographed dance.

One of the most crucial parts of the live production is what’s happening behind the scenes. What’s not always recognized is how much work goes into preparing the stage, the crew, the sound, the costumes, etc., etc. As the Director, the Wedding Planner handles the most creative parts of the production. She’s there to enhance the style and the feel of the experience by ensuring that everything runs smoothly.



Now it’s time for the critics to take first row and pick the production apart.

After being hailed as one of the best Wedding Planners in the industry, this part of the production is something that I know all too well.

Every production is an opportunity to learn and grow and in order to do that, the Director AKA the Wedding Planner, needs critique. As Wedding Planners, we thrive on critique so that we can come back better and better every single time. It’s definitely important to know whether or not the production lived up to the audiences’ dreams.

I will say though, that A LOT goes on behind the scenes that the critics never see. Just like a production, there are so many moving parts to a Wedding. So much goes into it. And so, acknowledgement is also a very important part of the process and it goes a long way when someone can translate how his or her experience made it an award winning show! {Check out the short video below for a little love from a happy critic}.



Close Curtain.
Thank you for coming!

Closing Credits and the list of Cast and Crew…
Director Andy D. @eleganceandgraceweddings

Photography by Linda
Generations Cinemastories