Andrea DeLucia is the founder of Elegance & Grace. Her firm plans and designs luxury events and weddings. andybio She believes that every client is unique, and she thrives on bringing special elements to any event that can make the overall experience admired and enjoyed!

Andy is not only a wedding planner, but also a memory maker, designer, entrepreneur, speaker, and soon to be author. She claims that Founding Elegance & Grace was a complete game changer and made her life complete. After having a few kids, she realized that being a woman was powerful and not only did she want to leave her legacy as a kick butt mom, but also as a business owner, as it was her true passion!
She is a wedding planner and serial entrepreneur by day and wife and mother of 4 by night. Her company, named after her children, represents her values and inspiration.

Andrea has received many awards and recognition for her top notch service and continues to build her reputation, in part because of her keen eye for cohesive designs and the organization of fine details. She has worked with national brand companies such as UGG Australia and Nordstrom to promote different products and showcase them in published wedding stylized photo shoots. She prides herself on giving her clients excellent service and she believes that a big part of her job is identifying the needs and wants of her clients.

In addition to her passion for event planning, Andy has taken on a role of a speaker and coach, as well as a workshop producer for the wedding industry.

Her latest venture has been to give back to the community. After over a decade of thriving in her business, she has taken the industry by storm by offering students — wedding and event professionals and hopefuls — a very hands on exclusive way of learning the ins and outs of the wedding and event planning industry. Andrea believes that building trust and tribe are very important to support a business in this competitive market. She loves the opportunity to teach and guide and has been a keynote speaker at colleges and industry events. She has taught many students from around the world who want to work in the event industry.

Andrea, wants to give everyone the opportunity to live the life they desire. She believes in hard work and determination and is well on her way of pioneering this part of the industry. Her Elite Workshops are a testament to all her hard work and perseverance as a wedding and event producer.

Up close and personal with Andy

  • I love my kids so much I named my business after them Elegance -Ella, And- Andrew, and Aliya, Grace- Gracie Gabrielle.
  • I share a closet with 3 men and not one of them is my husband, Louie, Marc, and Michael (Can you guess)
  • I love salt especially on chips
  • I am allergic to cats and dogs and that is why I want a pig
  • I am extremely grateful I get to do this job with the help of my husband who is a huge support of me and my business
  • I love listening to country music and my Dunks every morning
  • My favorite quote is “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt